Quality & Safety

AOC Metal Works has developed and implemented a quality management system ("QMS") that is the basis for its ability to consistently provide products that meet both customer and applicable regulatory requirements. Through the effective application of the QMS system—including continual improvement and the prevention of nonconformity—AOC Metal Works is now in conformity with the international standard ISO 9001.

AOC Metal Works' QMS is comprised of these key parts:

  • “Quality Manual Level I”: contains general guidance for directing quality operations throughout manufacturing. It identifies specific requirements for processing quality related discrepancies—whether material or procedural—until final resolution.
  • “Quality Procedures Level II”: contains detailed, step-by-step procedures for completing all quality documents and records necessary to verify our compliance with all contracts and drawing requirements
  • “Quality Documents”: contains the master Quality Forms used to document the procedures performed in Level II, above.
  • “The Quality Audit”: contains a checklist that we use to perform in-house quality system audits per our audit schedules. All elements are audited on a semi-annual basis.

Each product manufactured by AOC Metal Works will be managed by our Advanced Product Quality Planning procedures. A key element to our product quality control is our Process Flow Chart, Process Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (P-FMEA), and Process Control Plan. These documents will specify each point at which process quality controls/inspections will take place to ensure conformity with specifications.

To find out how our manufacturing process can meet your product and quality standards, please refer to our Management Contacts.